Mission Statement

Etsell, Inc. provides exemplary telemarketing services through constant pursuit and training of qualified management and staff, utilization of the most up-to-date industry specific technologies and by consistently giving each client big-company results with small-company individualized service.

Our standards

- We fully comply with local, state and federal requirements for call center practices.

- We demand professionalism, honesty and positive attitude from all associates at all times by maintaining a zero tolerance policy for complaints and deceptive scripts, and a zero tolerance policy for discrimination in any form or harassment in the workplace.

- We constantly pursue new lists to build on our already existing successful lead base in order to continue to grow that base and perform regular updates in order to keep the list purged and current.

- Etsell, Inc. management are accessible and knowledgeable. We want to be called upon to discuss our clients’ needs, observations and suggestions as they relate to our business association, so that we can make that association stronger and even more successful.