HOW CAN ETSELL, INC. HELP YOUR CHARITY? We offer a TURN-KEY operation meaning we manage ALL aspects of your fundraising program to include:
  • manage your lead base
  • design and print marketing material
  • screen, interview, hire marketing personnel
  • contact 30,000 potential customers per day
  • advertise via digital media; manage collection of funds
  • file all necessary government requirements
  • Your charity will realize returns with little to no effort on your part.
  1. Experience: Having been in the outbound fundraising business for nearly 45 years, Etsell, Inc. has been able to maintain successful campaigns through recessions, regulatory changes and technology challenges. Our corporate and management team has 160 years of combined experience exclusively in this industry. You will have 100% of that experience at your disposal.
  2. Metrics Management: Etsell, Inc. has created and supports its own customized software designed specifically for the management of fundraising campaigns. This software includes sales analysis, market analysis, payroll management, lead management analysis, and production metrics.
  3. Government Compliance: 45+ years in the industry have afforded us the knowledge of how to navigate government resources, existing statutes and all legal resources. Etsell, Inc. will not manage a campaign until all government requirements are met. It’s that simple.
  4. HISTORY OF SUCCESS: Etsell, Inc. has returned nearly $50 million in revenue to the charities we’ve served over the last 45 years.
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO HIRE ETSELL, INC.? Your charity pays ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Etsell, Inc. will pay 100% of the expenses of managing and operating your campaign out of the agreed-upon share of the gross revenue from the campaign. It’s not “low-cost.” It’s NO COST. WHAT IS TELEMARKETING? Telemarketing is a proven and effective way to reach a market base by phone. It is the most efficient way of gathering relevant information to build a lead base. WHY DOES TELEMARKETING WORK? Etsell, Inc. makes the phones ring. We’re not waiting on someone to open their mail or check their email. We’re going to make as many phones ring in your area that we can following the government guidelines. We will enhance the telemarketing with digital and social media marketing, but we still believe the best way to get our message across is WORD OF MOUTH. With digital and social media, marketing is typically done by presenting the message to a potential customer. With telemarketing, we are actually talking WITH PEOPLE not to them or at them. DOES ETSELL, INC. USE UP-TO-DATE TECHNOLOGY? Etsell, Inc. has invested $110,000 over the last 3 years to upgrade its technology. We’ve invested in new dialing software, specialized programming, servers and other hardware, not to mention man hours and training of both agents and network management. WILL ETSELL, INC. REPRESENT YOUR CHARITY WITH INTEGRITY? Yes! Etsell, Inc. has never and will never use deceptive practices. Our technology includes monitoring software that allows real-time monitoring to insure quality control with agent scripts and presentations. WHERE DOES ETSELL, INC. GET ITS LIST? Etsell, Inc. partners with several reputable list providers and will only partner with providers who guarantee 90% or better list accuracy.