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Etsell Inc.

Etsell Inc., also known as SHRINE SERVICES was incorporated in the state of Florida in 1976 for the purpose of providing telemarketing fund raising services to Shrine Temples and other worthwhile charitable organizations. Etsell Inc. is a profit-making corporation and does not have a charitable exemption under state or federal law.

Telemarketing fund raising services are provided to clients by marketing from the Main Operations Center as well as from on-site field offices within the jurisdiction of the charities for whom we work.

Keystone Operations Center

The Keystone Operations center in Knoxville is the main computer center for the Company. The Center utilizes a predictive dialer to contact residences for client solicitations to residential donors who have not previously donated to the program being served. No business solicitations are normally conducted from this office.

Field Project Offices

Field Project offices are maintained and staffed at the Shrine Temple being served and is operational during the period the Shrine is promoting its annual Shrine Circus. The major portion of donations received are as a result of the on-site offices as all Business sponsors as well as donors who have previously contributed to the Shrine program are solicited from the Field office. These offices are usually open about six months during the active promotion of the Shrine Circus Program.